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Protective Sleeve for Forearm

This protective sleeve is designed to protect the forearm during post-operative care or in cases of skin disease. It is interchangeable for the left and right forearm. It is an E-Collar alternative for dogs after their surgery to protect their wounds.

dog forearm protective sleeve after surgery


To determine the correct size, take two measurements: the height of the front leg (a) and perimeter around the upper front leg (b).

forearm dog surgery protective sleeve


• E-Collar alternative providing higher patient and owner compliance from keeping the surgical site clean and protected

• Provides comfort, mobility, and reduces stress

• Increases customer satisfaction and eliminates E-Collar complaints

• Reduces the risk of infection by protecting the wound


• Secured by tying the pair of strings around the back of the animal’s neck and by fastening the two Velcro straps located at the top and bottom of the sleeve. This ensures a secure and snug fit.

• Stretchable fabrics promote mobility and ensure comfort

High Quality Fabrics

• Made from breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics making it safe for animals.

• Machine washable and made from 100% cotton