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Common Questions About VetMedWear

Do cats tolerate VetMedWear?

Will animals bite or chew at the fabric?

How easy is it for animals to remove?

Can it be washed in the washing machine?

VetMedWear Gown

My pet measures between two sizes, which size should I choose?

Do I need to remove the gown for my female pet to urinate?

Can long-haired pet use this, or will the ties be a problem with the hair?

VetMedWear Suit

How do animals urinate while wearing it?

Is the VetMedWear Suit breathable?


What prevents it from slipping off the head?

What prevents animals from pawing it off?

Will it fit on dogs with a larger head?

Hip and Thigh Protective Sleeve

How is it secured?

Do you have sizes for dogs with shorter legs?

Can this product be used for cats?

Will it rub against the leg causing irritation?

Is there a size for the left and right leg?

Shoulder Protective Sleeve

How is it secured?

Can it be washed in the washing machine?

Neck and Upper Body Protective Gown

Can it be used to protect bite-wounds around the neck?

Is this product suitable for animals that have a feeding tube?

Stable-Table Mat

What prevents the mat from slipping off the table?

How do you clean the surface?

Can animals rip or puncture the fabric?

Dental Exam Muzzle for Dogs

Will this product work for brushing my dog's teeth?

Dental Exam Muzzle for Cats

Can it be used for kittens?

How does it stay on the cat?

Cat Restraint Bag

What is the purpose of each zipper?

How easy is it to clean?

Oxygen Hood

How does it stay on the animal's head?

Oxygen Tent

Can it be used with a nebulizer?

Can I leave my pet alone in the bag?

What should the flow rate of oxygen be for my pet?

Wound Recovery Boot

Is it breathable?

How does it stay on the paw?