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Choosing An E-Collar Alternative


Choosing An E-Collar Alternative

E-Collar alternatives are starting to pick up steam in the veterinary world, but with so many to choose from it could be difficult to find the right one for your beloved animal companion. The varieties are quite vast; from a soft cone, to an inflatable pillow cone, to after-surgery pet clothing. There is no perfect product out there yet, so the soft cone that worked for your neighbours’ dog, Sparky, might not work so well for your puppy, Bella. There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right -E-Collar alternative. Size, energy levels, breed, and species are factors that will affect your decision on what is best for your animal.

Benefits of Choosing After Surgery Pet Clothing:

  • Reduces stress, for both the pet and the owner
  • Promotes healthy incision/wound healing
  • Protects from the elements
  • No changes in their daily routine needed
  • Affordable

Whether short or tall, the cone will be a nuisance. The cone needs to be long enough to cover their snout which will cause the animals to get stuck on rugs or grass if they have short legs, or the cone will be so large they won’t be able to navigate doorways without banging into them. Wearing after-surgery pet clothing not only allows animals to move about freely but also removes that cone stress. No more running into “invisible” obstacles, no more loud banging that reverberates in the cone causing sensory stress. Not only do post-surgical garments work for the short and tall, but they also work on the lanky and stout ones. Those with long necks and with thick necks can be the most difficult to size for cones (soft or hard). They often must be fitted for one that is much larger than the animals which makes their daily routines stressful.

After-surgery wear doesn’t just look cute they also serve a very important function in the healing process. By reducing post-operative stress, they are able to have quicker healing times and less risk of infection. Covering the incision protects it from licking and the elements reducing the risk of infection. Choosing the right post-surgical garment can seem a bit tricky if you have never used one before, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

VetMedWear Gowns

VetMedWear Gowns for pets are perfect for everyone. They have a unique string-tie design that allow for adjustability, so no matter if they are skinny, stout, or barrel-chested, the ties at the top will accommodate them. Our e-collar alternatives are not just for dogs, but they are also suitable for cats and bunny rabbits! Made from a light-weight, organic cotton material it allows the animals to move without impeding on their daily routine. They also have an open top design which promotes breathability to the wound. 

VetMedWear Suit

The VetMedWear Suit is another great option as it is also great for all sizes as it can stretch but allows for full coverage. There is a male and a female version, so the suit does not need to be removed for your pet to eliminate. The zipper function is useful if you need to check on a wound or incision, or if you need to apply an ointment or medication.

The Importance of Breathability

The most important thing to consider is breathability. You want the affected area to be able to breathe to promote quick healing, meaning cotton is the safest option. All VetMedWear’s e-collar alternatives are made from a cotton blend. Cotton is a natural material which means it is hypo-allergenic and easy to clean if soiled. Cotton will not irritate, and it is a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fibre throughout its entire product life cycle. Other products may be made from synthetic materials, and most chemical fibres are petroleum-based, which means they come from non-renewable resources.

Not only are you making a choice for a better life for your animal, but you are also choosing a better life for the planet.

By Megan, Sales Representative at VetMedWear