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The Story of Sara

The Story of Sara

Dear readers,

This is the story of Sara. The four-legged celebrity without whom, VetMedSolutions would not exist. We often get asked about the origin of VetMedSolutions. Just like many stories of recovery garments designed to replace the e-collar, our story began with a very annoying (but very cute) dog. We have heard countless stories of pet owners fashioning their own version of recovery wear using old t-shirts, baby clothes, or pillowcases. While these methods are better than no method at all, the creation of VetMedWear provides you with a superior garment, with effortless high functionality!

                Several years ago, the family labradoodle, Sara, underwent surgery and was sent home with an e-collar. Her veterinary team had all the best intentions. They wanted to prevent Sara from licking and chewing at her incision. They wanted to prevent infection and dehiscence (the undoing of sutures). Unfortunately, Sara decided she did not like the e-collar, and that she would do whatever it might take to rid herself of it for good! The perfect height to smash into walls, bang into thighs, and cause a racket by throwing her head around, Sara was a menace. Her family quickly gave into her objections, as all we who have witnessed puppy dog eyes are want to do.

They created the first prototype of VetMedWear and slipped Sara into it. Sara instantly became happier. The garment alleviated her stress substantially, provided her with increased comfort, and allowed her family to relax! Lucky for us, Saras family did not stop there. The family realized they might be onto something. There must be other fur babies out there, trembling from undue stress caused by the e-collar while they recover from surgery. And thus, VetMedSolutions was born.

Each member of the team here at VetMedSolutions has a furry friend who has experienced stress and anxiety. We all aim to improve the quality of life in pets and pet owners alike by providing them with a smoother experience at a stressful time. If you have any questions about our products, we are here to answer them!

As for Sara, she is the beautiful model you see in our catalogs and promo photos! As well, she still likes to cause trouble in the office by wandering from desk to desk, demanding we pet her while we should be working. We don’t mind one bit.



Shelby, RVT and proud cat mama