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Cat Immobilizing Bag

The cat immobilizing bag is a patented product specifically designed to secure cats making it easy to perform procedures such as injecting medicine, administering IV, or trimming nails. It’s a high quality product that is designed for veterinary professionals.

cat restraint bag


• Easy to apply on cats. Unzipping the top creates a large opening in the bag which makes it easy to place cats inside.

• Allows cats to feel comfortable, secure, and maintain their full vision

• Provides safe and easy access from the front, back, and sides of the body

• Easy and convenient to carry animals using the side straps

veterinary cat bag


• Includes four zippers for the legs, two zippers for the sides of the body, and one zipper along the top of the bag

• The two Velcro straps around the neck and body ensure a custom and secure fit for every cat


The cat immobilizing bag is made from 100% polyester and contains a soft lining of fabric around the neck to maximize comfort.


 The cat immobilizing bag is available in three sizes:

cat grooming bag