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Protective Sleeve for Shoulders

This protective sleeve is an E-Collar alternative designed to protect the shoulders during post-operative care or in cases of skin disease. It is available in two versions: for the left and right shoulder.

ecollar alternative for dogs


cone alternative for dogs


• Higher patient and owner compliance from keeping the surgical site clean and protected

• Provides comfort, mobility, and reduces stress

• Increases customer satisfaction and eliminates E-Collar complaints

• Reduces the risk of infection by protecting the wound


• Secured by tying two pairs of strings: the first pair of stings tie around the animal’s neck and the second pair of strings may be tied around the side or below the body.

• Stretchable fabrics promote mobility and ensure comfort

High Quality Fabrics

• Made from breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics making it safe for animals.

• Machine washable and made from 98% cotton and 2% Lycra.

Other E-Collar Alternatives

We have a number of other E-Collar alternatives for cats, dogs, and rabbits that can help your pet recover.

plastic cone cat alternative