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E-Collar Alternative: After Surgery Wear

After Surgery Wear is a patented E-Collar alternative designed to protect abdominal wounds from scratching, biting, or licking medicine. It’s a reliable and effective solution that meets the highest standards of veterinary medicine.

E-Collars cause an additional source of stress and suffering for animals and pet owners. In some cases, animals will remove the E-Collar at night leading to a trip to the emergency room. After Surgery Wear solves all of these problems by safely protecting the wound. It also gives pet owners a piece of mind knowing that their pet is safe and comfortable.

Animals are part of the family and the last thing a pet owner wants to see is their pet in an E-Collar. After Surgery Wear is the E-Collar alternative that pet owners are looking for. It’s the future of post-operative treatment.


• Higher patient and owner compliance from keeping the surgical site clean and protected

• High margins for animal hospitals

• Provides comfort,mobility, and reduces stress

• Increases customer satisfaction and eliminates E-Collar complaints

• Reduces the risk of infection by protecting the wound from the external environment


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After Surgery Wear was designed by a team of veterinary professionals to create an E-Collar alternative that can be trusted by animal hospitals. It’s unique and patented design ensures that animals recover in comfort and safety.

E-Collar alternative for dogs

Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, ML, and L come with an adhesive hygienic pad to protect the fabric from discharge. It may also be used for diagnostic purposes.

High Quality Fabrics

After Surgery Wear is made from 100% pure cotton, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics making it healthy and safe for animals. These materials have been carefully chosen to meet the most stringent safety standards in the veterinary industry.

E-Collar alternative for cats

• The specially woven fabrics cause animals to quickly lose interest in licking the product due to the extremely unpleasant texture which feels like licking sandpaper

• The unique fabric is slightly elastic and conforms to the animal’s body which promotes mobility

• The fabric and cotton ties are made from robust materials which are securely stitched together. This creates a very strong structure and ensures the product remains in-tact throughout the entire post-operative treatment

• Machine washable for reuse

One Fits All

After Surgery Wear is available in 9 sizes which are versatile for males and females, cats, dogs, and rabbits. This makes the product very practicable for animal hospitals since it reduces inventory storage costs and simplifies ordering.

Plastic cone alternative animals

• After Surgery wear may be used for male animals by folding the fabric halfway. Before going on a walk, simply untie the last two strings, roll the fabric to the front, and retie the strings.


To determine the correct size, measure the distance between the center of the upper front leg to the center of the upper back leg. If the sizing falls in between, it is recommended to select a larger size.

Cone alternative for cats

• The cotton strings may be adjusted in length which ensures a custom and secure fit for every animal

Trusted by Veterinarians

After Surgery Wear has been trusted by veterinarians and technicians for over 25 years in Europe and is quickly gaining popularity in North America. Some animal hospitals have completely eliminated E-Collars and include the price of After Surgery Wear in their surgeries.

Cone of shame alternative

See Reviews from Animal Hospitals


There is a size and style for everyone!  For sizes XXS-L, After Surgery Wear is available in yellow, pink, lime green, teal green, and orange.

After surgery wear animals

For sizes XL-3XL, After Surgery Wear is available in blue, green, burgundy, and teal green.

Alternative to ecollar

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

cone of shame dog alternative

We stand behind the quality of our products and provide a full 30 day unconditional money back guarantee for animal hospitals. Used or not, there are no questions asked and we will pay for the shipping back. See our full policy.

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Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital, ON 

“This Golden Retriever has a large open wound on its inguinal area and the After Surgery Wear was great to contain the incision but also to keep the grenade drains in place. Thank you again; my clients like your product.”

–  Shannon Miller, RVT, Surgery Department Manager

Tulane's closet

Radbill Animal Hospital, PA

 ”I feel that since we’ve starting using the “After Surgical Wear” garments, our surgical post op. patients seem to be much calmer and happier post op, and so are the owners. Patient and owner compliance is also higher with keeping the surgical site clean and protected. We will keep recommending them to all of our surgical patients!  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

– Wanda Auten, Office Manager/Head Tech-Nurse

cone alternative dog

Pacific Pet Clinic, BC

“I thought sizing would be an issue, but I was amazed at how small the sizes went! From spaying, to lump removals, to animals with allergies, the dressing fit well and prevent animals from reaching post-surgical areas. It works especially well in covering incisions on the underside.”

– Elaine, RVT

cat cone alternative