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Cat Muzzle for Brushing Teeth or Dental Examinations


dental exam muzzle for cats black purr muzzle strap


The Dental Exam Muzzle disarms cats by placing them in a relaxing state so that oral exams can be completed without the need for medication by lifting the felines gums through the front access point and inspecting the dental health of the animal through the plastic face-guard.

It's also ideal for administering medication or taking blood samples, from the normally alarmed and defensive cat.

How it Works

The nylon restraint is designed to keep the muzzle in place even while the feline attempts to paw off the restraint. The nylon restraint also has a unique effect on the cat, causing a deep sense of relaxation. The pressure of the cuff on the patient’s neck resembles the pressure that is given when a mother cat picks up its kittens, thus placing the patient in a disarming state.


 Size Cat Age
1 Kittens 10 - 14 weeks old
2 Kittens 14 weeks - 6 months old
3 Cats 6 months - 1 year old
4 Cats greater than 1.5 years old and large breeds