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Inkless Paw & Nose Print Pack


Inkless Paw & Nose Print Pack

The Inkless Paw and Nose Print Pack is used to capture the print of a beloved pet who crossed over the rainbow bridge. You can capture a paw print, nose print or both. It is simple to use, mess free and non-toxic.

Each pack contains a wipe, coated white paper and a recycled Kraft brown envelope. The envelope is designed to fit into a Sarah Brown Watercolor Sympathy Card. The Inkless Paw and Nose Print Pack is an easy way to create an everlasting memory of your client’s beloved pet.


  1. Put the coated paper (glossy side up) onto a hard surface.
  2. Ensure the paw or nose is clean and dry. 
  3. Once opened, the wipe is ready to use (it will feel dry to the touch but this is normal). 
  4. Wipe the paw or nose generously.
  5. Place the paw or nose firmly onto the paper and press for a few seconds.


  • Take care not to touch the paper as you may imprint your own fingerprints if the contents of the wipe touched your skin.
  • The image will darken over a few seconds.
  • As with all prints, the image will smudge if the paper or paw moves while the print is being taken.
  • For best results, do not trim the fur and have the fur captured in the image as well.