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oxygen hood cat dog black respiratory distress
oxygen hood cat dog black respiratory distress Oxygen Hood Oxygen Hood - VetMedWear


The Oxygen Hood is designed to deliver oxygen for short-term treatments in a less restrictive and stressful environment. It's an alternative to using a handheld anaesthesia mask or nasal cannulas which can be stressful to the animal, labour intensive, and difficult to secure. 


The Oxygen Hood is easy to put on and quick to secure by tightening the pull string along the hood. It has two ports, for oxygen input and CO2 and output. The window at the front allows for continuous monitoring of the patient and the zippered slot for monitoring leads.

Additional Equipment Required

VetMedWear only supplies the Oxygen Hood and the adapting nozzle for the ports. An oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank and connecting tube will have to be purchased separately to operate the Oxygen Hood. 

How to Administer Oxygen

An oxygen tank or any portable oxygen concentrator that can operate 24/7 if necessary that meets the oxygen flow requirements recommended by the veterinarian may be used. Oxygen flow, frequency, and duration requirements depend on the patient and recommendation from the veterinarian. Oxygen concentrators are available for purchase from veterinary distributors and on Amazon.


Please refer to the second image for the size chart.

The Oxygen Hood is available in 5 sizes which are based on the diameter of the front face of the mask. To determine the correct size, the diameter of the animal's head must, therefore, be measured and compared to the size chart.

Step 1: Measure the distance between the animal's ears.

Step 2: Refer to the second image for the size chart and select the next size up from where the measurement falls in between two sizes. For instance, if the measurement is 8.4", then the correct size would be medium since a size small would not provide enough space.