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Veterinary Bonnets for Aural Hematomas

Veterinary Bonnets for Aural Hematomas

Dear readers,

While we have a variety of products designed to aid in the recovery of veterinary ailments and surgeries, I do often feel that our V-Bonnet deserves a special mention.

Having spent years in practice as a Registered Veterinary Technician, I have several experiences in which I attempted to wrap or bandage ears. It is near impossible! Aural hematomas and ear wounds on dogs and cats can be one of the more challenging issues for veterinary professionals to treat.

Like many pet owners and veterinary professionals, I have tried to bandage cat and dog ears to prevent flapping and shaking or to protect wounds with many tools! Any combination of telfa, stretch gauze, or vet wrap has resulted in a makeshift helmet that lasts for but a few moments before being pulled off by the patient.

As we often do, VetMedSolutions has come up with a solution in the Veterinary Bonnet, or V-Bonnet. The V-Bonnet protects wounded ears and prevents shaking by gently covering and binding the cat or dogs ears. With a neck tie, and snaps below the chin, the design makes it very difficult for the pet to remove.

The V-Bonnet is composed of multiple layers of 100% Cotton to protect the ears and absorb aural or epithelial discharge as necessary. Additional gauze or telfa can be applied between the patients ear and the garment.

If the ears are being medicated, the snaps allow the owner to undo the garment in order to give ear drops to the cat or dog without having to remove it completely. Simply allow the neck tie to remain fastened while unbuttoning the snaps and applying the medication!

Lastly, it sure is cute.



Shelby, RVT and master canine ear cleaner