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Oxygen Mask

The oxygen mask is a patented product specifically designed to facilitate the flow of oxygen. The oxygen mask may be used for a variety of applications including oxygen therapy, administering medicine, and is particularly helpful when treating asthma.

Oxygen mask for animals therapy


• Constantly monitor the condition of animals through the transparent front.

• Convenient and easy to use.

• Reusable after disinfection.


oxygen mask for animals

• The oxygen mask has two outlets located on each side of the hood. The first outlet allows for oxygen intake while the second outlet allows the CO2 to escape. It also contains a zipper along the hood which may opened for temperature control or to quickly provide additional ventilation if required.

• Each oxygen mask also comes with a blue equipment connector to connect with tubing.

• The pull string along the hood of the oxygen mask may be tightened to safely secure and seal the product to prevent the oxygen intake from escaping.

• Made from 100% polyester.


Sizing is based on the diameter of the front face of the mask and must therefore be compared to the diameter of the animal’s head by measuring the distance between the animal’s ears. For instance, if the diameter of the animal’s head is close to or around 8″, then the correct size would be a size Large (11.8″) since a size Medium (7.9”) would not provide enough space for the animal’s head.

oxygen mask for animals therapy cats and dogs