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Provide Oxygen When It's Needed Most

Pawprint Oxygen allows veterinarians and pet owners to administer life saving oxygen at home, in hospital, and in transport.

How it Works

Each canister provides 10 litres of oxygen USP which will provide up to 20 minutes of oxygen therapy depending on the flow rate of the regulator.

The Regulator

Regulators are available in 3 preset flow rates: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 litres per minute.


home pet oxygen rescue

Home Rescue

Dispense as a source of rescue oxygen to manage respiratory distress resulting from a variety of conditions including congestive heart failure, laryngeal paralysis, tracheal collapse, and brachycephalic syndrome.

pet oxygen transport emergency


Transport oxygen dependent patients between primary care, referral hospitals, and home. It's easy to use, with no more costly equipment or complicated returns.

portable veterinary oxygen clinic


Use for triage and as a back-up for existing oxygen systems. Our portable canisters have a two year shelf life making them perfect for quick and reliable oxygen relief in any situation.


For in clinic, I find it extremely beneficial if I have a brachycephalic patient becoming excited during a nail trim or office exam. I'm most relieved to have portable oxygen to provide to my clients in need of transporting a patient to a Specialty or Emergency facility.

– Dr. Sarakon, Gardens Veterinary Hospital

Pawprint Oxygen is working well for my ten year old mini schnauzer with CHF. Every now and then she needs a little help with her breathing. The Pawprint set up is easy to use and helps tremendously. The staff is always supper friendly and very helpful!

– Jennifer and Zoe (Mini Schnauzer)

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Extended Oxygen Therapy

We also offer FDA approved Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Tents for pets that need oxygen for an extended period. Send us a prescription and we will provide your clients with full customer service by walking them through the process, setup help, and ongoing after sale support.