VetMed Solutions Canada


Animal Hospital Testimonials

Mapleview Animal Hospital  

“We have been using Vet Med Wear garments since December, 2017. The garments are a success with the clients and the patients, as well as the staff.  We keep the model dog at the front desk to show clients what the garment will look like on their pet. We do offer the clients a choice between the traditional cone of shame or the garment. About ninety percent of the time, the clients choose Vet Med Wear Garments! We have found we have a much higher owner compliance rate and have dramatically reduced the post-op complications by using Vet Med Wear.”

– Dr. Jim Bader, Veterinarian and Owner
Mapleview Animal Hospital, Holland, MI

 Radbill Animal Hospital 

“I feel that since we’ve starting using the “After Surgical Wear” garments, our surgical post operative patients seem to be much calmer and happier post op, and so are the owners. Patient and owner compliance is also higher with keeping the surgical site clean and protected. We will keep recommending them to all of our surgical patients!  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

 – Wanda Auten, Office Manager/Head Tech-Nurse
Radbill Animal Hospital,  Philadelphia, PA 

Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital & Referral Group

“This Golden Retriever has a large open wound on its inguinal area and the After Surgery Wear was great to contain the incision but also to keep the grenade drains in place. Thank you again; my clients like your product.”

– Shannon Miller, RVT (Surgery Department, Manager)

Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital & Referral Group, Mississauga, ON

Pacific Pet Clinic

“I thought sizing would be an issue, but I was amazed at how small the sizes went! From spaying, to lump removals, to animals with allergies, the dressing fit well and prevent animals from reaching post-surgical areas. It works especially well in covering incisions on the underside.”

– Elaine, RVT
Pacific Pet Clinic, Vancouver, BC

The Collegeway Animal Hospital

“I was first concerned about the efficacy-whether the product would work as well as an e-collar, but I found that the fabrics are high quality and breathable. My clients like it a lot and I would recommend this product as an alternative to e-collars.”

– Dr. E. Hanna, DVM
The Collegeway Animal Hospital, Mississauga, ON

Acadia Veterinary Clinic and Pet Rehabilitation Centre

“Beautiful Loki was in on Monday for her spay. We’re so happy to hear that she’s healing nicely! She looks great in her After Surgery Wear, don’t you think? Update from owner: “Well it finally happened! Loki is officially spayed. She’s recovering fast but still pretty out of sorts. Pretty excited about no cone! She gets the fancy gown instead.”

– Gloria, AVA 
Acadia Veterinary Clinic and Pet Rehabilitation Centre, Saskatoon, SK

Riverside Veterinary Hospital

“Riverside Veterinary Hospital, PC has been using every size for nearly a year and our doctors, staff, clients and patients love this product!! The little dog model has been a hit, everyone wants one to take home!!”

– Karen
Riverside Veterinary Hospital, PC, Elizabeth, PA

Hart Road Animal Hospital

“We love your After Surgery Wear!”

– Jenny, Veterinary Technician
Hart Road Animal Hospital, Beaverton, OR

Westside Animal Hospital

“We have had great success using After Surgery Wear.”

– Lauren, RVT
Westside Animal Hospital, Toronto, ON

Port Colborne Animal Hospital

“We have purchased quite a few After Surgery Wear shirts and the clients seem to like them much better than the “cones.”

– Debbie Costabile (Client Care Team)
Port Colborne Animal Hospital, Port Colborne, ON

Foothills Animal Clinic

We use After Surgery Wear at Foothills Animal Clinic in North Carolina and are very pleased!

– Kathleen Lockwood (Client Care Team)
Foothills Animal Clinic, Forest City, NC