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Hip and Thigh Wound Protective Sleeve for Dogs


dog hip sleeve protective beagle
dog hip sleeve protective beagle tplo dog leg sleeve hind leg recovery sleeve vetmedwear dog protective tplo dog sleeve gray dog recovery sleeve hip hip bandaging dog back leg purple orthopedic dog recovery sleeve gray Hip and Thigh Wound Protective Sleeve for Dogs

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E-Collar alternative interchangeable for both legs designed for dogs after orthopaedic recoveries, such as patella luxation, TPLO, and cruciate repair. Also helps to protect the area from hot spot irritation.

Can be used along with a full bandage to protect it from getting dirty, which means less bandage changing needed, or it could be used instead of the full bandage during the end of the healing process to keep it protected and allow airflow to promote healthy incision healing.

  • Features
  • Sizing
  • • Interchangeable for the left and right back leg.

    • 100% GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) organic cotton and dyes ensure the fabric is free of toxins and other chemicals that can be harmful to the wound.

    • Breathable and hypoallergenic fabric promotes healthy incision healing.

    • Supportive element across the top of the sleeve prevents bunching.

    • Secured by tying two pairs of strings: the first pair of strings tie around the animal’s neck and the second pair of strings tie around the side of the lower body.

    • Soft and stretchable leg cuffs add comfort and prevent irritation from the fabric rubbing against the body.

    • Reflective material across the top of the sleeve increases visibility at night.

    • Machine washable.

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Hip and Thigh Protective Sleeve™

Secures bandaging or replaces the e-collar for a stress-free™ recovery.


Reduces Stress

Can be used as an e-collar alternative allowing pets to recover in comfort without restricting mobility or access to their food or water bowl.

Secures Bandaging

During the first few days of recovery, use the sleeve to secure and protect bandaging reducing post-operative complications.

Saves Time

Can be used instead of bandaging after the initial healing phase saving time and money on re-bandaging. Our sleeve can be applied in under 30 seconds.


Designed in collaboration with animal hospitals and veterinary institutions.

leg protective sleeve tplo features

Breathable 100% Organic Cotton

Our natural GOTS Certified organic cotton provides the best air-flow circulation to the wound for a safe recovery.


Orthopedic Recovery

Secures and protects bandaging during the initial healing process after surgeries including TPLO, patella luxation, and cruciate repair. Can replace the bandaging later on and the e-collar.

skin issues dermatologic problems irritation

Dermatologic Problems

Protects the affected area and replaces bandaging for a stress-free™ recovery. Easy to remove for checkups or for medicating the area.

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