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Wound Protective Recovery Boot for Cats and Dogs


Wound Protective Recovery Boot for Cats and Dogs

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Our Wound Protective Boot is the perfect solution for hard to bandage toe lacerations. It can be applied over a foot bandage or directly onto the injured paw. The two elastic bands with Velcro secure the boot. 


Made from 100% softshell, water resistant, and breathable materials. 


1. Have your dog stand on a firm surface.

2. Place a piece of paper under a front paw.

3. Lift the dog's opposite front paw so that the weight is placed firmly on the paw being measured.

4. Mark both sides of the weighted paw at its widest point on the sheet of paper.

5. Measure that distance, and choose the correct boot size from the size guide below. If the measurement falls in between, round up to a larger size.